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Online Intake session


Individual Therapy

60 min. | €75.-

Couples Therapy

90 min. | €115.-

Telephone consultation (outside session time)

30 min. | €15.-

Please note that you can only book online sessions independently. For face to face sessions, please contact me via telephone or email for the availabilities.

What to expect

Culture Therapy sessions are held online and in person. Therapy starts with an online intake session of the individual/couple, followed by 2-3 evaluation sessions and then the work begins.

The total number of sessions varies depending on the complexity of the problem, which is why therapy is divided into two categories: brief therapy and long-term therapy. 

Brief therapy lasts 6 to 12 sessions while long-term therapy can last months to years.

At Culture Therapy, both the client and the therapist agree on the length deemed necessary for each person's individual needs. That is part of tailoring the treatment to each individual and couple.

Book your online intake session now to meet me, see how I can help and if this is right for you, no strings attached.

Insurance coverage

As a non Dutch-speaking psychologist working in a private practice in the Netherlands, my services are not covered by insurance. This seems like a disadvantage, but Dutch healthcare insurance demands a certain process from psychologists in when and how we treat our clients that may not suit everyone's needs. The way therapy is practiced here in Culture Therapy is focused on using varying tools to set a treatment plan that is unique to each individual's needs. Also, not having to go through insurance means almost no waiting time to start therapy. So although my services are not covered, you can begin therapy immediately while benefiting from a flexible, tailored treatment.